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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Reconditioned Exercise Bike at Exercise Bike Particulars

Been thinking lately. I have put a little stash of cash away over the past few years and have been thinking about opening up a little restaurant or cafe. I love serving people food and making people happy with my creations and I would just love to make my own little specialty foods. But then I know I would be so absorbed with handling my restaurant, I would then be swept away from my other passion which is combing the net for Reconditioned Exercise Bike and learning more about topic after topic and filling my head with all that great information out there. So I really have to sit here and weight out what really matters the most to me. My inner selfish searching habit, or my desire to please people which could supply a lifetime of lasting joy and pleasure. Now I am really stuck after laying it all out here. Any comments to add here anyone?


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